PROTECT US FROM EVIL with HOOK instrumental (Christian Reggae music) Sinima Beats


Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “PROTECT US FROM EVIL with HOOK instrumental (Christian Reggae music) Sinima Beats”

  1. Aasil Israel

    The Evils that surround, Wicked One’s have Plunged under me
    It’s hell hound, hell bound, This demon’s try bring me down to Negativity
    Won’t be bow down, fight with all my might, get this monsters to flee
    I Believe in Hashem’s crown, Hashem might set me free
    From This Bondage, this Demon’s trying conquer, my soul, mind and body
    Fight ‘em alone, cause I’ve always be lone ranger like Pocahontas
    Fighting Demons with no Soul or Conscious
    Like Adam Lanza, Send ‘em back to hell, where they belong
    May they not rest in peace in hell, Where they belong
    Forever Burning Heylel’s Temple, In His Majesty Up High
    Praise to the King of Kings, Lords of Lords, El Shaddai


  2. Jake Stone

    best music quality and production out there. 

  3. Edgar Hernandez

    Each day I be slippin, covered in the blood like sew whew no crippin, this
    life that I’m livin is gimik , his son was Givin for me to be forgiven
    living in sin repentance is a decision take a minute , flirten wit evil
    spritits swig it and spin it kissen sex in these females is endless,
    satisfaction I’m Askin satin is blesphimin say in I can have them and also
    keep happiness … i had to switch , to the team that been win in, don’t
    want to bag a chick or chase thick women, I chase God like cops chased me
    to take me to prison… yea 

  4. Byron Choate


  5. Aasil Israel

    America’s Bleeding, Israel, Why Wont Ya Get Up From Your Knees
    This Microphone my Synagogue, Preaching his Glories
    It’s up to you to hold this words Sc-rared
    How Some Call Themselves Holy, Yet The Preach Hatred
    Looking around all I see so called Holy Man Tying Bombs to Little One’s
    Chemical Gases, filling in the Lungs of Little One’s
    So Called Christian Leaders Dropping Bombs on Children
    I pray, said I Pray, To Israel, Jerusalem and Zion
    Let me see the Humble of Mount Sinai
    Praise to the king of kings, lord of lords, El Shaddai
    Yeah huh

  6. Jake Stone

    has anyone leased this beat out? cos Im about to . . 

  7. paul wilson

    can we make a song for jesus …..07830944400 UK LONDON………

  8. Zion Ramirez

    Huh I Believe there’s God Above me, Watching Over Me Livin’ in a world, so
    dark, like Coffee But I Still Believe outta darkness, Comes Light Bob Nesta
    Said, Everythin’ be alright With God on our Side, I Sing this notes long as
    my father to Jerusalem This tunes I write should be Every believer’s Anthem
    With the most high Guidin’ me, I always Blossom Growing wiser as I get
    older Yearly Ensables me to see thangs more clearly Satan’s can’t nuthin’
    past me, I’m never restin’ Cause h

  9. jubrowny

    This is incredible!

  10. DKO1401

    Sinima you’re to good i’m liking dis a lot :)

  11. Brandon Pou

    Jesus loves you!:)

  12. Brandon Pou

    Sick of this world n it’s corruption n hate/See the devil fishing just
    dodging his bait/he comes like a Lamb with a mind of a snake/I gotta stay
    focused on The Lord n my Faith/Temptation awaits,try’s to overtake,but with
    Faith I pray for my plan of escape/Sometimes we

  13. cdubbn08

    Sinima best reggae beats hands down!!

  14. 319Menace

    life in a little city.keep a pistol with me.cause the other sides is always
    out to get me. look i Got up cause i been down.thought of all the shit
    now.bitch foo dog they sit down. I Got no friends left found out they was
    shady.Wish them the all the best well maybe. Im crazy but its all the stuff
    thats been on lately ima smoke myself but first my baby. thats my girl
    thats my world shes my strength like i do curls her purrty curls my betty
    boop im serri dukes to save us both from you kno who 666s.

  15. moiseshernandez0391

    God has a purpose for everyone doesn’t he

  16. GargoShakur

    Can this beat be used for non-profit rap? I don’t wanna exclusive rights or
    something similar, I only want to use this for making amateur rap.

  17. Stevin Vandee

    This is fresh

  18. Stanley Statom

    Can I use this beat non profit?

  19. 100prcentEmpressLola

    Dis baad ass yo! Mi need this, how can I contact you?


    walkin in this world, no worries on my mind,protected by GODS grace,
    beautifuly devine,accept him in your heart , dont waste no more time,

  21. Makaveli- Soulja

    Dope Beat!

  22. Douglas Carnegie

    hail to the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESHUA!!!

  23. erick castro

    This song is bad ass

  24. SlimShady2525

    props, killed that verse

  25. YoungManiatik2010

    I love this beat